Sieger by Fürstenburg Sip Of Rumble Rex Goblet


Sieger by Fürstenburg Sip Of Rumble Rex Goblet

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Finest porcelain with 24-carat gold. From the Iconic "Sip of Gold" range which not only looks like nothing else you have ever poured your drink into, but which is a game changer in terms of how your drink tastes. Be that, psychological or not, that's just got to be a good thing.

Officially classified as Champagne Goblets, but that's just a guide for size, we've sipped cocktails in these glasses and you'll be pretty happy with how those taste too..... 

Featuring a wall thickness of just two millimetres, the handcrafted tumblers have been adorned on their interior with 24-carat gold. When the goblets are filled with a drink, hundreds of reflections create the enticing impression of liquid gold that gives the collection its name.


These champagne tumblers are meticulously handcrafted with the greatest of care and an exquisite delicacy of touch. 

It takes the work of up to 100 hands before one of these finely crafted pieces is ready to leave the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG.

H7.4 cm, ø 9 cm, 0.25L | Made in Germany

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